How to treat hair loss with I Grow

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What causes hair loss?

Hair loss is a devastating problem which can affect both men and women. Most people think of male pattern baldness which tends to be hereditary, but there are a number of other factors which can contribute to thinning hair and even total hair loss. From an underlying medical condition to an excess of vitamins, both men and women can suffer thinning hair and baldness from a variety of causes. Hormones often play a part in the condition, but stress, diet, ageing, medication and even overuse of hair styling products and equipment can all trigger this distressing condition.

How can hair loss be treated?

Anyone experiencing thinning of the hair and hair loss should visit a doctor to establish possible causes. Your doctor will go through your medical history and discuss genetic factors, what medications you are taking and will run checks to see if the problem is the result of an underlying medical condition. You may be prescribed a type of medication designed to promote new hair growth depending on the causes of your hair loss. You can help things along by ensuring that you eat a good quality diet which includes plenty of lean protein, vegetables and fruit and take extra special care of your hair by avoiding the over-use of styling products and protecting your hair from extreme cold and heat. Try switching to a specialised haircare regime such as Nanogen - the company produces shampoo, conditioner and serum to promote hair growth along with a range of coloured fibres which bond with your hair to create the look and feel of thicker hair.

How can I Grow help?

Now there is a new and completely non-invasive treatment which has been proven to produce convincing results when used for around 20 minutes every other day. Using low level laser therapy (LLLT), the I Grow helmet is a space-age device which directs a combination of LED and laser light directly onto hair follicles to stimulate new hair growth and promote healthy hair follicles. The helmet has built-in headphones so the user can plug in an mp3 player while the lasers work their magic. The makers have achieved extremely positive results from this futuristic hair rejuvenation system and have established that users benefit from using the device for between six to nine months in order to see the full benefits. A completely non-invasive treatment, the system has been endorsed by the US Federal Drug Association and clinical trials have shown proven results - all users reported an increase in new hair growth with a mean average of 39% increase over a four-month period. Safe to use in conjunction with prescribed medication to treat hair loss, the I Grow system can be used in your own home at your convenience to promote a healthy head of hair at a fraction of the price of a hair transplant and with longer-lasting results. We also stock a great range of Nanogen Hair Thickening & Hair Loss Treatments available to buy online at Pauls Hair World.
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