How To - FRO Hawk - Easy style for Natural Afro hair

fro hawk

Wether you're in a rush as you got up late for work or you have a fancy occasion you want to try something different for, fro hawk is a super fast and easy way to wear your natural hair that looks absolutely awesome. Perfect for a regular day when you're short of time but this very versatile hair style can also be glammed up for a night on the tiles, short sides mean you can show off some big earrings and take the look from day time to the night. I'm all about fast, easy, comfortable hairstyles that are perfect for both day and night.

Step 1 & 2

step 1 2

Step 1 - Section hair into 5 different sections, start from one ear and work your comb over to the other ear and secure section of hair with a sectioning clip. Pull tight at the sides. Sectioning clips can be found here.

Step 2 - Starting from the front, remove section clip one at a time and replace with an elastic band or bobble same color as your own hair. Elastic bands and bobbles can be purchased here.


Step 3 & 4

fauce hawk


Step 3 - Once bobbles are in place focus on tidying up the sides, you want to aim for smooth and sleek for a contrast between the funky curly hawk. Smooth down any fly away and the edges with an edge control gel, clip any strands you've missed tight to your hair and secure the clip under the hawk. Edge control gels can be purchased here.

Step 4 - Fluff up the hawk, if you have any styling gels or curl activating gels then i recommend you use some on the hawk for added texture, the messier the better with this look! Curl activating gels can be purchased here.

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