How to fit Clip In Extensions

  1. step-1

    Section hair at the nape of your neck.

  2. step-1

    Twist a section of your hair.

  3. step-1

    Take the 10cm piece and snap the clip open.

  4. step-1

    Slide the clip into the twisted hair and snap shut.

  5. step-1

    Now repeat on the other side.

  6. step-1

    Now section the hair further up your head.

  7. step-1

    Apply two of the pieces as shown.

  8. step-1

    Take the next section as shown.

  9. step-1

    Now clip in the 4th section.

  10. step-1

    Take next section as shown.

  11. step-1

    Apply the 5th section.

  12. step-1

    Apply 6th section.

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