How To Curl Hair Extensions Using Pin Curls

Here at PHW, we get asked this question all the time, the most common issue is usually the weight of the hair along with the products used. Follow our simple guide to be the envy of all your poker straight friends.

What you will need:

1.Heat Protector 2. Curling Tong 3. Section Clips 4. Brush 5. Bobby Pins/ Grips 6. Schwarzkopf Silhouette Hairspray How To do pin curls

How to:

Tip: the smaller the section and curling tong, the smaller the curl. Section your hair. Brush through the section to make sure it is knot free. Lightly spray with heat protector, Curl using the desired curling tong. Spray with hairspray. With your hand push the curl up towards your scalp and pin into place. Pin curls with small section clips or with a kirby grip. Pinning curls allows them to cool and set as when your hair is hot it is pliable and the weight will straighten the curl if left free flowing. Once all sections are curled and pinned, get on with getting yourself ready. This can be done in the morning and left pinned all day.  Once you are ready, carefully remove each pin one by one, spray all curls again with hairspray and allow a couple of minutes to set,  now with your hands, finger comb out the curls until your desired style is achieved and add one final coating of hairspray. Done!, now get on with that night out.    
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