How to create 60's glam finger waves!

side-swept-finger-waves-hairstyle-2017 From great gatsby to winter 2016, the finger wave has been a glamour go to for every occasion and is perfect for every hair texture. Especially esay to create with curly hair, this finger wave oozes high class sophistication and glamour which is perfect for this years hottest trends and new year festivities! Below is a step by step guide on how to create these perfect flapper style waves just in time for New Years Eve! Step 1 - Spray hair with a detangler or light weight conditioner, this will help the comb to comb through effortlessly for the most important sleek look. Check out detanglers and conditioners here. Step 2 - Use a volumising spray, powder or dry shampoo at the roots for added oomph and blow dry with large barrel brush. Once dry add a serum to the ends of your lengths for that instant gloss that's so important with a style like this! Step 3 - Section hair into three parts just like you would do if you were prepping to fit rollers. Middle section running about the width of your forehead to the back; then left side of your head; and the right side of your head wuold make the second and third section as they are. Step 4 - Spray each section with a heat protectant hairspray and comb through, when curling hair, curl hair away from the face using a 1” to 1.25” barrel curling iron. When doing the top section, make sure each curl rests horizontally on top of the head. When curling the side sections, curl in ‘candlestick’ formation so that each stands vertical and hugs the side of the head. Once each curl is finished pin against head. Let curls cool and set. Step 5 - let down the curls gently and brush out each curl to smooth the hair hair.  Play aruond with the curl too you see where the hair naturally creates a ‘C’ shape and use a comb and fingers to define that shape. Pin the centre of each C shape and spray with a firm hold hair spray or spritz. Remove clips when hair has dried. demi-lovato-at-the-american-music-awards-2015    
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