How to Choose Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are one of the most popular beautification methods around today, providing an almost instant transformation for consumers and giving the appearance of thick, lustrous locks — often at very reasonable prices. Here at Pauls Hair World, we have been specialising in extensions for over 20 years and we offer a wide range of brands, styles and materials, including synthetic, clip-in and human hair.

If you are new to the world of extensions, here is an overview of some of the different brands and types of hair you can select to enhance your crowning glory. When it comes to human hair, there are different kinds, including Russian, Chinese and Indian. Because Russian hair often comes at an exorbitant cost, Chinese and Indian are more popular choices for customers on a budget. Indian hair is a great choice as it is healthy and strong with a high shine - it can also be dyed and styled without much damage! Chinese hair is easily available but the quality is not as high as with Indian extensions and you may have to have your extensions replaced more often. However, the most popular kind of human hair is 'virgin' Peruvian and Brazilian hair as it has never been chemically treated. It has been cared for using gentle herbal formulas and can last for over a year. Shiny, strong and coming in straight or wavy styles, Peruvian and Brazilian hair are highly desirable. The most sought-after form is Remy, or Remi, which is hair that has not had the cuticle stripped. This kind of extension is tougher but softer and more attractive than hair which has been chemically stripped and Remy couture extensions can also be more easily dyed and styled.

When it comes to the texture of hair extensions, there are two different types: Silky, composed of European hair, and Yaki, which is ideal for consumers of African origin as it boasts greater volume and texture. Yaki mostly only comes in straightened styles, while Silky hair can be purchased in a wide variety of waves and curls.

Here at Pauls Hair World, we provide every type and colour of extension, not to mention a range of styling accessories and hair-care products to ensure your extensions remain in excellent condition. We can also offer expert advice about selecting and maintaining your extensions.
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