How To Care For 100% Human Hair Extensions

The life of your human hair extensions is determined by the type of hair and how you care for it. There are lots of brands out there that claim a lot of things. Always buy from a reputable supplier and stick to the big names such as Sleek, Sensationnel, Beauty Works, Universal or Hairaisers. If you can afford it then always buy remi. It may seem expensive but it will last up to 3 times longer than standard hair so in the long run it is cheaper.

Remi Hair Wefts We Recommend;

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Caring for your extensions

Extensions are a lot more work than your own hair, you will have to set aside extra time in your hair care routine to care for your hair extensions. Brush your hair extensions 3-4 times a day using a hair extension brush or a tangle teezer. Start by detangling the ends, then work through the middle section before brushing the top section. Make sure you always completely detangle the hair at the nape of your neck every time you brush.  Always hold the area the extensions are fitted to help prevent them from becoming loose and pulling your own hair. Apply leave in conditioner or light serum everyday to prevent the extensions from drying out Only wash your extensions once a week at the most. Use good quality shampoo and deep conditioner such as the Macadamia Range, or the Hairaisers After Care Range. We have also been told by customers and staff that the Creme Of Nature Argan Oil Range is very good. Apply a good quality serum or leave in conditioner on the hair while wet. If possible, leave to air dry. If not, apply a heat protector and dry using a hair dryer on a medium heat. You can also use straighteners on the hair extensions but the more heat you put on them, the quicker they will dry out. At night either put your hair into a loose plait or into loose pigtails. Also make sure your pillow case is either 100% cotton silk or satin. The most important part of caring for hair extensions is keeping them moisturized. Your own hair has natural oils to keep it healthy but the hair extensions are dead hair and need moisture on a daily bases. Thanks for reading :-)
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