How to bond in extensions using cold bonding

Glue in weft / weave / track hair

Glue in hair extensions come on a weft which is also sometimes called a weave or a track.

The 100% human hair extensions come with a weft at the top onto which you apply the glue and bond it to your hair.

You will need a remover to take these extensions out. The Glue in instructions are only a guide and should be adjusted to suit your hair thickness and style.

  1. step-1

    Section the hair at the nape of the neck, leaving an inch of hair down on to the shoulders. Secure the rest of the hair out of the way using section clips.

  2. step-2

    Using the hair weft, measure the section making sure you leave ¼ of an inch gap at either side.

  3. step-3

    Now cut the weft.

  4. step-4

    Using the glue of your choice apply glue to the weft from one end to the other.

  5. step-5

    Ensure that the glue runs all along the weft. Now apply the glued side to your sectioned hair at the root area and press firmly. You can now use a hair dryer on the cool shot setting to set the glue.

  6. step-6

    Section your hair about an inch higher. Using the weft measure the next section and repeat steps 4 & 5.

  7. step-7

    Take another section further up the head and glue in section three (from top of one ear to the other). If you have very thick hair, it may be an idea to put more sections in at this stage.

  8. step-8

    Leave a inch gap and take the next section and repeat the process.

  9. step-9

    Take a full section around your head leaving a half inch gap at the front on either side. Cut the weft to size and apply using the glue. You can now see how the layers build up and blend with your natural hair.

  10. step-10

    Take the final section and apply another strip of weft in the same way. Once you have completed the bonding process allow 20 minutes for the glue to set. Take care not to pull extensions when washing and brushing. Ensure top weft will not be visible when all the hair is down before you secure it.

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