How to avoid heat damage - A few steps for healthier hair

fine-hair-oily-roots-dry-ends Are you addicted to heat styling your hair? Many people don't go a day without straightening or curling their hair, i am culprit to never letting my hair air dry as it just results in a huge ball of frizz. Regular use of heating tools can really damage our hair, it can cause extreme dryness to the point where you find your hair snapping off, it can cause split ends and it can quite literally fry your hair. There are a few ways around using heating tools and minimizing heat damage, there are a range of different products and different tricks that can all help your hair to feel healthier. Always use moisturizing shampoo As i have previously said, using any kind of heated styling tool can leave your hair parched, dry, brittle and likely to snap unless you give it the moisture it craves. If you regularly use heating tools then you should also regularly use a deep moisturizing shampoo, the kind of shampoos are great are removing product build up to stop it from burning with heat and they're also fantastic at injecting moisture and life back into damaged tresses. Follow your shampoo with a moisturizing conditioner for replenishing results!


I would recommend these two products in helping you regain moisture that has been lost through heat damage, these olive oil products are especially good at making hair more manageable and less prone to breakage. Olive oil is widely used in moisturizing products as it is great for damaged or knotty hair. Olive oil is full of mono unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants that moisturize and nourish scalp skin and hair. Great for hair growth and advanced protection from dryness. Click here to purchase ORS Olive Oil creamy shampoo and conditioner. £4.00 - £4.39 Remove Excess Water before drying. Are you culprit of drying soaking hair? You should make sure that you hair is no longer wet before you start drying, towel dry your hair with either a cotton towel or t-shirt so that you hair is damp. It is best to blow dry damp hair, if you try to blow dry wet hair the hairdryer can cause a boiling effect and you will find your hair is actually being burnt.


Always use heat protection spray. Due to the extreme heats we use on our hair, usually for a prolonged period of time, we really do suffer with dry hair and split ends. Always use a heat protection spray or serum when drying and styling your hair, put on when wet before drying and re-apply when dry before straightening or curling. Heat protection products coat the hair which creates a barrier between your hair and the heat, allowing your hair to be styled with minimal damage.


Cantu thermal shield protectant is the perfect product for drying your hair and styling your hair. Pre-treatment for all hairstyles to prevent damage caused by flat irons and other heated styling tools, while adding moisture to strands for smoother, frizz-free results. Made with pure Shea butter to replace vital moisture, revealing stronger, healthier hair with a natural shine.
This product is perfect for every type of hair whether it has been relaxed, texturized, colored or permed. This products Shields hair from heat up to 425°F, it helps to reduce frizz & fly away hairs whilst also adding a light hold to any style you create. Click here to purchaseBuy 2 for £4.39 each and save 5%

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