How To Apply and blend a Half Wig

Half Wigs are one of the quickest and most effective hair extensions methods about. They are quick and easy to apply and can make a dramatic change in a couple of minutes. Perfect for most hair lengths, as long as your top layer is 2-3 inches long, you will be able to wear one of these pieces. Cap Construction   A half wig has and elasticated cap that usually has a zigzag comb and the front and the back, some pieces are also adjustable via a toggle and elastic so these pieces can also be made into a ponytail.   Section Hair   Section your hair, pull forward as much hair as you think you will need to cover the band. You can experiment with this as sometimes you may want to take more hair to give a different effect.   Backcomb sectioned hair   Backcomb the sectioned hair, you could apply hairspray to the backcombed section if you would like it to stay on all night with no chance of it slipping.     Slide comb into backcombed section   Slide the zigzag comb into the backcombed front section, also fit the back section on the nape of your neck. If you have short pieces underneath you need to hide, you can tuck them into the cap.     Hide Join with front section   Pin your hair up to cover the join. You could also backcomb the front and smooth it back over the join or use a head band.       Long flowing locks in seconds! DSC_4058
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