How Mass Market and Lace Front Wigs Are Made

On my visit to China, I stopped off at the world's largest Hair Extension Factory at Xuchang, Sichuan. With over 14,000 employees this place is truly huge.  I was given a guided tour by the manager and shown the way 100% human hair extensions, synthetic hair and wigs are made. I could not believe the amount of work that actually goes into the processes, especially with the wigs.  So first of all, they have to go through the whole process of making the weft hair extensions. Once the desired wefts are completed they are taken over to the wigs stations. The factory has specially made sewing machines with a sphere base to place the wig cap onto. Making Wigs Wefts are then sewn to the elasticated wig base in rows. Making A Wig Once the wig is ready, it moves onto the cutting and styling section where all wigs are cut and styled by hand which is something I had never even considered. All Wigs are hand cut and styled If the wig is a lace front the hairs around the edges are pulled through and knotted by hand one by one. Making A Lace Front Wig This very time-consuming practice is the reason that lace wigs are slightly higher in price that standard wigs and why full lace wigs are often sold in excess of £600. Lace Front Wigs Thanks for reading guys, I hope you found this as interesting as I did. Nikki xx
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