How Hair Extensions Are Made.

Have you ever wondered where hair extensions come from or how they are made? Well here is a quick guide. The hair arrives at the factory in white sacks and is known as raw material. The hair is then sorted by trained individuals into hair that is going to be used for Remi and hair that is going to be used as standard hair. All hair used for Remi has to be very high quality. All the hair goes thorough a wash, colour and conditioning process in huge batches. All the hair starts out black and has to be dyed. All colours lighter than a 6 are bleached to blonde first to keep the colouring consistent. The next image shows how they keep all the remi cuticle correct while colouring, you can see loose stitching. After all the standard hair has been washed, coloured and conditioned it is all tangled and needs putting back into bunches. Using giant drawing mats, workers realign the hair into neat bundles ready for wefting.  Once the hair has been aligned it is bundled up ready to go the the wefting part of the factory. The hair is then fed into the wefting machine by hand. This is why you will get variations in the weft width as they are all measured in weight so if more is fed through the weft is thicker but shorted width ways. As the hair is fed through a loose stitch is applied, the top inch is then doubled back over and the final stitching is applied. This is why the top of the weft has short hairs as its the top of the hair bent over. The wefts are then fed into industrial size straighteners. All the hair then moves onto the packaging department.   Thanks for reading, Nikki :-)  
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