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curl bar
Hot Tools is a brand made by professionals for professional results on the move, wondrous waves, bouncing curls and with the new Curl Bar you have a fresh angle for a whole new way of curling. The revolutionary curl bar by Hot Tools helps the stylist to achieve beautiful, long lasting curls within seconds without strain on the wrist, shoulder or elbow making a hard day at work as comfortable as getting your hair curled! How-to-curl-your-hair-with-a-wand-blog This is a high quality piece of hair styling equipment, the digital accuracy is a feature that makes sure you have beautiful long lasting, defined curls with as little damage to your hair as is possible. The rotating digital readout temperature display chooses the precise heat needed for a lasting curl. The curl bar heats up to 450 so is also a perfect styling tool for course, thicker hair. A styling tool perfect for all hair types, all hair styles and all hair curves, get anything from beachy waves to shirley temple curls with this one piece of equipment! 8db5c5fc501e09c1dab173cb77e0b6d8

This is an online exclusive, don't forget that you have the option to Buy Now and Pay Later!

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