Harlequin - Halloween!


You may have recently walked past our fabulous Halloween display in the Arndale, did our harlequin mannequin catch your eye? Wondering how you can create such a look yourself for this years spooky festivities? Look No further, we have everything in store that you will need to create this killer lass from the suicide squad! This film was massive this year and every character had a revamp, including the joker, those two characters now have a multitude of iconic looks which would be perfect for this Halloween Season!

suicide squad

We currently have a harlequin mannequin in our Manchester Arndale window display, we do not currently sell the Iconic blue and red wig but we do sell Coloured hair spray which we used to create this look! A full range of human hair and synthetic wigs are available in store, we have a special section for costume wigs in our Halloween corner if you want to choose something more affordable! Come down and have a look, see if we have something you can paint up! Check out the recent blog i did all about the coloured sprays that we sell, super fast, cheap and easy to wash out makes this method of hair coloring perfect for a one night costume!


Also in store are a multitude of face paints, we have red you can use to smudge over that right eyelid, blue for the left and we also have black and white for you to dirty up your face and make it more authentic! Face Paints £1.99 in store and online. Add a little heart and you're good to go! A quick costume and everyone's guaranteed to know who you are!! If you want to add a little extra to your makeup look then why not ask one of our sales advisers to show you the range of chokers we have in stock for Halloween!

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