Halloween is Coming To Get You!

We get super excited for Halloween, all our staff go to a lot of trouble to dress up and its always a big hit with customers. Have you started to plan your outfit yet?

What's Hot 2016!

Harley Quinn From Suicide Squad is going to be a huge fave this year.

Suicide Squad  Harley Quinn What you will need:

Outfit- Short Shorts, Fishnets, short white top, bomber jacket, trainers, gloves & choker.

Face- Red Lipstick, blue & Red eyeshadow, black pencil, blue contact lenses

Hair- If your hair is already blonde and you can put in bunches, you will just need hair colour spray, if your hair is not suitable then you can buy a wig.

Zombies are huge as always

zombie make up Ideas Add you own little twists to the standard zombie outfit by making your hair and makeup pop. What you will need: Outfit- You can use any old clothes to create a zombie look, you can rip, shred and add dirt and blood. Face-Black Lipstick, deep purple eyeshadow, black pencil, black or white contact lenses. Hair- Wig Send us in your makeup ideas and we could possible share on our blog or social media.

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