Halloween Hair - spray on colour!


Zombies, ghosts, witches and ghouls, roaming the streets tricking the fools! Trick or treat? Trick everyone this year with a hair colour spray! If you want to spruce up your Halloween costume but don't want to wear a wig or dye your hair then why not try Party success spray on colour? A canister of highly pigmented hair spray can be the perfect way to finish off your horror costume creation!

party success

How about a silver streak like Sweeney Todd the demon barber or Frankenstein bride? Try candy colored streaks if your fancy being a day of the dead candy skull! You want to be poison ivy but you don't want to be sweating all night in a long heavy, hot, wig? Try this colored hair spray! Easy to spray on and just washes off in the shower! Colored hair has never been so simple! Available in 15 different colors and retailing at only £1.99, this is the perfect purchase for that Halloween party! Have a look on our website, see if there's a colour for you!

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