Hair Styles to Suit your Face Shape

It’s every girl’s worst nightmare – you see your favourite celebrity rocking a new ‘do, go to the hairdressers to have the look cut into your own hair, only to get home and realise that this new hairstyle really does not suit your face shape! While many of us know full-well that certain hair colours simply won’t work well with our skin tone, some of us still struggle to choose a hairstyle that will really complement our face shape – that’s why at Pauls Hair World we have put together a guide on what hair styles look best with which face shapes. So will you suit a crop, long layers or a blunt fringe? Find out by reading the Pauls Hair World face shape guide… 

Triangle  – Narrow forehead with a wide chin This face shape is best suited with a curly style or a sharply layered cut. To build fullness to soften a wide crown, choose a hair style with a stylish heavy fringe and choppy layers. For extra volume, backcomb the hair with a backcomb brush.
  Square – Angular jaw line which is the same width as forehead To soften a wide forehead and strong jawline, choose a shorter style that is wavy on top. If your hair is naturally straight, create loose waves with a waving iron.  
Oval – Well proportioned, length of face is longer than width Lucky you! An oval face shape looks great with any hairstyle, why not try a longer length style with graduated layers around the face. If your hair is short then add hair extensions for volume and length.   Heart – Wide forehead, high cheek bones & na rrow V-shaped chin With such gorgeous cheek bones, a heart face shape will look perfect with a smart elfin crop that is wedged or tapered at the neck. Those with a heart shaped face also suit a chic fringe as this works to soften a rounded or peaked forehead.  
RRound – Full cheeks with a circular form Elongate your face by choosing a longer hair style. Long, soft curls look great with this face shape. Either curl your own with a set of curling tongs or add some curled hair extensions.
  Narrow – Slender face with narrow chin If your face shape is quite narrow then the perfect way to round out your face is with a bob or shoulder length hair. Try mixing up your look by styling in soft waves or curls.
  Diamond – Wide cheekbones with narrow chin and forehead Bobs suit diamond face shapes the most, so if you have a diamond face shape it is time to face the chop!    
Whatever your face shape, at Pauls Hair World you will find hair extensions, hair pieces and styling tools to help you discover the perfect hairstyle to suit both your face shape and your own unique sense of style.

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