Hair like Selena Gomez with Double Hair Set.

selena gomezzz How stunning does Selena Gomez look with her hair extensions? Get a similar look with Beauty Works Double Hair set clip in extensions in 22 inches. The double set of extensions is perfect for the person with medium/ thick hair, 220g ( 22 inches ) of hair is the thickest packet of hair that we do in store, perfect for adding extra length and volume to already long hair. Perfect for getting this striking look! The double hair set is a set of 6 piece clip ins, as there are so many pieces we would recommend the double hair set for a really voluminous look and for someone who has thicker hair otherwise they might be hard to disguise. These clip ins are on a lace weft for that sleek bump free look, the lace allows hair to be packed neatly and flatly so they lie snug against the head for a classy finish every time! These clip ins are available in 16 different colors, with such a wide range it's more than likely you will find something to match your existing colour, these double hair sets are of remy quality and double drawn so you'll be getting that volume from root to tip! double set

If you want to go for something a little more permanent and not clip in, you could always try having a weave in one of our salons with some lush 22 inch hair extensions on the weft. If you prefer to go for this option pop in store for a free consultation or ring 0161 839 0708 to book an appointment! To purchase Double Hair Set click here to be taken to the website.

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