Hair Extensions For Short Hair

Hair Extensions can be used on both long and short hair, you just have to place and style them differently to suit each length. This image shows our recent client that had 2-inch long hair at the nape. As you can see, the extension blended seamlessly. Book Yourself Into our Weave Bar Hair Extensions For Short Hair

Tips For Blending Hair Extensions for short Hair:

Use a small hair elastic band to tie the short underneath hair into a small ponytail. Curl your hair and extensions together. Pin-up side pieces, this can also be done in a twist or a plait. Have your own hair thinned at the ends, this will take the bulk out of the ends of your natural hair and allow the ends to blend with the hair extensions. Half Up, Half Down is a great way of wearing your hair as it will take the weight off the top section. side twist We also stock a selection of half wigs. When wearing a half wig, you can tuck any short hairs away into the cap of the piece. Follow us on social for more tips and tricks. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter  
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