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Beauty Works Blow Dry Kit

You have spent your hard earned cash on new flowing lock, now you have to maintain them if you want to get the most out of your hair extensions. Hair Extensions are in effect dead hair as it is not attached to your scalp so consequently your natural oils that help to maintain your own hair will not help with your hair extensions. Aftercare is the most important part of the maintenance and you must use the correct products.


Shampoo- Sulfate v Sulfate Fee

Recommended Product Beauty Works Sulfate Free Aftercare Set Sulfates are basically a filler product that is used to bulk out the shampoo, sulfates also produces  the lather you will be used to, however, sulfates are actually not the kindest ingredients about and can actually lead to dry damaged hair extensions. Sulfates also break down keratin which is used in pre-bonded, micro rings and nano hair extensions so avoid at all costs. Our hair extension experts are always on hand to give you the correct aftercare advice and can provide you with a free aftercare leaflet.


Heat Protector

We can not stress enough how important a heat protector is to your new shiny locks. You have to think of hair as you would a fabric like silk, would you put your iron on full to iron a silk dress? Hair Extensions need protection or you will soon start to see the tell tail signs of damage like snapped ends, matting and an unhealthy dull look.


Deep Conditioner

Keep putting that moisture back with a good quality deep conditioning treatment. We recommend Beauty Works Argan Oil Mask



Does a brush really make a difference? Yes, and here is why! Beauty Works mixed bristle brush combines soft, natural bristles and nylon pins, perfect for styling all hair types and hair extensions. Protecting the scalp, gently detangling hair and reducing static, bristle brushes are the key to shiny, healthy hair. Beauty Works Professional Brushes are created using the finest natural boar bristles which are renowned for polishing and maintaining the hairs condition; being able to retain moisture, lift away dirt and distribute natural oils from the scalp to the ends of the hair. Stimulating and massaging the scalp through regular brushing increases the hairs natural volume and minimizes hair damage. Suitable for styling, brushing and for use on longer length hair. Share your tips with us on social media!
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