Hair Extensions - Fitting Methods

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Today I will explain a bit about the most popular methods of fitting hair extensions. Each section is linked through to the products on our website. Hair Extensions blonde1. Clip In Extensions. Many customers prefer clip ins as they can be fitted and removed daily. We have 2 types in stock. Universal Clip ins are available in 10,12,14,18,20,22,24 and 26 inches. Universal Clip Ins have been designed to fit all head sizes and can be fitted at different angles to give different looks. Many stylists buy them for updo's as well as using them for down styles. Fitting instructions can be seen on our how to guides. We also stock Beauty Works Clip Ins that are made from remi hair. Beauty Works are made in Hair Extensions black16,18 and 20 inch lengths they are also constructed differently than the Universal Clip Ins. Beauty Works are made into 3 pieces but have 140g of hair so are thicker than most extensions on the market. Clip Ins are a good choice if you have never had hair extensions before as they give you the chance to see if you like them before going for a longer term extension. They are also ideal for weddings, proms, races or any special occasion. You can completely transform you look in under 10 minutes.   Hair Extensions Braided2. Weave In Extensions. Weave or weft extensions are fitting by corn rowing (like a very thin tight french plait) the hair extensions are then stitched to the plaits. This method will last from 2-3 months depending on how quick your hair grows and how well they are fitted. We always recommend that customers having hair weaved in use Remi hair extensions as they will last for 3 months plus. Please visit our facebook page and look at the album called Find an extensionist in your area.   Hair Extensions Glued3. Glue In Wefts. This is when your hair is sectioned and glue is applied to the hair extension weft it is then glued along your hair line in sections going up. Please click here to see fitting instructions. Most customers use standard hair for this as the glue will only last 1-2 weeks but they can be re-applied.  Please click here to see the glue available.     Hair Extensions #24. Micro Ring also known as fusion or stick tip. This method is when your hair is pulled through a micro ring and stick tip hair (hair with a shoe lace end) is inserted into the micro ring along with your hair. The micro ring is then flattened using pliers. Hair is applied is a brick work fashion. Please click here to see the tools needed.       Hair Extensions #35. Bonds / Pre-bonded / Nail Tip. This type of extension is very similar to the micro rings but you buy nail tip hair and use heat to melt the glue in with your own hair. Please click here to see the full fitting instructions.       I hope you find this information useful, please comment below if you would like and further explanations. Thanks for reading :-)    
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