Glossy Lids - Yes or no?

jenner Lip Gloss is back, the version of me from 2001 is rejoicing somewhere inside of me and the nostalgia of buying Mizz or sugar magazines just for the tube of juicy fruit flavoured glittery gloss is too much! I for one am all for this trend, i love how this high fashion, runway look has been toned down and being worn by the masses on the high street.  I'm on the hunt for a perfect lip gloss that can double up as a lid gloss to create a look similair to Kylie Jenners! Eye gloss has been on the runway during New York Fashion Week but now that Kylie’s done it, it’s here to stay! Eyegloss is actually a product in itself, a thick sticky gloss that glides over the eyelids to create this sleek, slick high fashion, high glam look. There's a tendancy to crease but that's all part of the ' i haven't tried too hard ' look that everyone loves, bang on trend in 2017 as the common theme among makeup and hair is ' natural beauty '. Simply glide a gloss over an existing eyeshadow colour, nude shades work best or swipe over your natural lid for an extra natural look. If you can't find an eye gloss pruduct then you can always double up your lip gloss and use that on the lids, it's a lot easier on the purse and a lot easier to find on the high street. It's the option i'll be taking when i try out this look! It's definatley a yes from me! Have a look at my previous lip gloss post for some inspiration, maybe there's one you can use to do lips and lids! gloss eyes
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