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GHD_Advanced_Split_End_Therapy_2048x2048 Pretty sure the majority of us are criminals when it comes to hair, our hair is abused with bleach, hair colors, heating elements such as straighteners and the super hot blast of hairdryer on a frosty morning, that being mentioned the weather it'self doesn't give our hair any help and in the end we're left with frazzled, disheveled locks that need a lot of love! GHD have come to the rescue with their Split End Therapy, treating the worn down and lust lacking tresses among us. A lightweight cream/serum that uses heat technology or more scientifically, ' a propriety Thermo-Marine Bonding System ' to help fill out and bind together any broken hair fibers that are more commonly known as split ends. This is a cream that also swears on preventing any further breakage in the future, for up to ten washes! Each strand of hair is coated in a protective coating so that your hair has protection whatever the weather, whatever the style. Simply shampoo your hair, apply instead of conditioner and seal your hair with straighteners. It sounds mad to be using heat and no conditioner on heat damaged or bleached hair doesn't it? However, give this a try and you'll be raving about it from the rooftops with silky, shiny, split end free hair!



Both the Bauble and the stand alone product available at Pauls Hair World in store.

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