Get Your Weave ON!

weave bar beaded weave v braided weave Here at Pauls Hair World, we fit 3 types of weave in total. Our Number 1 requested weave is the Beaded Weave, we fit a row of silicone lined micro rings to your hair and sew the hair extension weft to the rings using a blanket stitch. Most customers have 2-3 rows but if you would just like to add thickness, you can just have 1 row fitted and have the hair extensions cut to the length of your own hair. A Beaded Weave is a very comfortable and you can get your hair up into a high pony. Here is all the hair you can use for a beaded, braided or CATWALK Weave.  We do on occasion get asked to fit a braided weave, which of course we do fit. We also fit a CATWALK Weave- named due to being a backstage fave at many catwalk shows as this is a tempory method that is really quick to fit and remove. For further info or to book in CLICK HERE      
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