Fresh face for valentines day!


Wether you have a dinner date planned or a night in with your girl gang you want to be feeling your best and what better way to get you feeling great than enhancing your natural beauty. Natural is in this year, natural brows, simple makeup that makes your unique beauty lead the way, opt for a natural look this valentines to be bang on trend.

Curl your lashes.  nick ak mascara

Leave out the false lashes this year and get that natural flutter by curling your own lashes to perfection. All you need is the right mascara and an eyelashes curler to get your lashes picking up a stiff wind. Take your eyelash curler and start by gently pressing them together, this pinches the lash at the root creating the lift.Carry it on along the length of your lashes for the ultimate lift. Next, apply your mascara by wiggling it back and forth at the root of your lash and dragging it up. This method deposits the most mascara and leaves your lashes evenly coated and extra lengthy. To shop all Nick AK mascara's pictured above, click here. Smooth and glossy lips!


There's nothing worse than applying a lip gloss to a dry lip, the best thing to do is scrub off all the cracked skin and moisturize to the max before applying any kind of gloss. Exfoliate the lips by mixing a tea spoon of sugar into a tea spoon of coconut oil, the granules of sugar should slough off any dead skin leaving your lips smooth and plump. Now they need moisture, apply a lip balm containing Shea butter to keep your lips feeling their absolute best. Once you've followed these steps, apply a light wand of lip gloss to enhance your natural lip color. To buy coconut oil, click here. To buy lip gloss and lip balm, click here. Face Mask 


Enhance your bare face by using a face mask before the rest of your makeup application, unclog and tighten those pores for a flawless finish and a fresh glow. There are many face masks on the market, Queen Helena is one of my favorite brands. Check them out here.

Keep foundation light


Take your regular foundation but mix it in with a little bit of moisturizer for a lighter finish, adding this drop of moisturizer dilutes the coverage a little bit and adds a dewy glow which is perfect for a natural makeup look. Adding moisturizer also helps to keep at bay dry flaky patches which most people are prone to over the winter period. Click here to browse our selection of foundations.

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