Feather Eyebrows - Yay or Nay?

feather-brows-new-beauty-trend_thumb Many beauty trends have had their rise to fame start on Instagram, feather eyebrows are no different. Recently Instagrammer Stella Sironen created this look whilst playing around with makeup in her spare time, a follower of hers loved the look and decided to roll with it, a trend was set. Now everybody who owns a makeup Instagram has dug out their retired clear mascaras and brow gels to attempt these feather eyebrows and if they haven't tried them yet guaranteed that a makeup look is in their drafts! Just in time for the festival season this look would be perfect for the boho chick with the hippie accessories, add some color, add some glitter, add some eyebrow jewels in the Gwen Stefani 90's fashion and your good to go! I think a look this couture is good for a fun event, a festival or fancy dress but i don't think it's a trend that will catch on for day time wear. Is this something you'd try this year? To browse all brow products online click here. images
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