Fake Tanning tips: Get the perfect glow

Fake Tanning tips   Using fake tan is one way to achieve a gorgeous tan, without risking sun damage. Unfortunately however, many people struggle to apply it and the result can be disastrous to say the least! Follow these simple tips to avoid unsightly streaks and create a natural looking, even tan.

Pick the right colour and type:

There are many different types of self tanning formula available. It is important to choose the right one for you. Gradual tanning formulas work through repeated application over a number of days, while instant formulas typically provide an immediate tan. They range from wash off applications, to those which will last around a week. It is important to choose the right colour for your skin. Fair skin will look best with a light or medium formula, while those will olive skin will benefit from a darker shade. There are a range of great products on the market which will allow you to achieve that perfect sun kissed look. Favourites include Chloe Sims Tanning Mousse, Fakebake and St Moriz.

Preparing to tan for the perfect finish:

Before even thinking about applying the fake tan you must first prepare your skin.

Shaving or waxing:

If you have thick hair on your arms and/or legs, it is best to remove this prior to tanning. For men, removing chest or back hair will ensure the tan has a more even appearance.


Whatever your skin type, exfoliating before tanning is essential. If you don’t, any dry or flaky patches on the skin will create a patchy and uneven finish. Exfoliating will also help prolong the life of your tan. Pay particular attention to the elbows and knees.


Following exfoliation it is a good idea to moisturise. Make sure any lotion or oil has been fully absorbed before applying the tanning formula.

Applying fake tan:

When applying tanning formula, always wear latex gloves to prevent orange palms. In addition, it is a good idea to protect surfaces by standing on an old sheet or towel. For the most natural tan, begin from the ankles and work upwards. Apply the lotion to one body part at a time, in a circular motion. If using a spray, ensure you follow the instructions regarding how far you should hold the bottle away from your body. For feet, spread the lotion from ankles downwards, but do not use much as these areas tend to tan less naturally. For a more natural look, use a regular moisturiser to blend the tanner at the wrists, ankles, knees and elbows. A band or strap should be used when applying to the back.

Tanning the face and neck:

Always apply fake tan sparingly to the face and neck. Begin with the forehead, chin, bridge of the nose and cheeks. Using a circular motion, smooth the lotion outwards to cover the remainder of the face.

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