Facial skincare products - look after your skin this winter!

winter_skin_care When you're braving the Christmas markets, scarf pulled up to your chin for a bit of extra warmth, hands wrapped round a hot chocolate, bound in gloves, our poor little faces are braving the harsh wintry winds. Noses are red and frozen, cheeks are tight and stinging, it's no wonder we all get chapped lips and dry skin the last few months of the year! The November/December weather really takes a toll on our skin, particularly our faces but with a bit of instruction and direction i'll guide you through which products to be buying to keep those cheeks from feeling chapped! Group_Shot_large Winter Skin Step 1 - Exfoliate  Many of us forget to look after our skin during these colder months but it's actually when our skin needs that extra loving. Exfoliation is definitely a must, we lose tons of moisture daily in winter as we try to keep warm, radiators, electric heaters, warm coats all wick away our moisture and we need to top that up! If you don't exfoliate during these times, we do not remove the dead skin cells that build up. If you do not remove them, they act as a barrier, so that any moisturizes you will be using will sit on top of these dead skin cells refusing to be absorbed. So, step 1 is always exfoliate. I recommend once a week. Pictured above is the Queen Helene facial scrubs, i personally love these because i love a really harsh scrub that feels like it gets all up in there. They genuinely feel like they are working, sloughing off all those dead cells and revealing fresh, glowing skin underneath! They smell great and a little goes a long way! Available in store and also online here.  palmersfacialmilk_1 Winter Skin Step 2 - Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse! Cleansers are really important when taking care of your face, they remove impurities, help to even skin tone and complexion by tightening open pores. Closing these pores help to keep face fresh, clean and free of impurities ultimately leading to a reduction in blemishes and black heads. I'd recommend to use a cleanser everyday if you can to keep that face fresh and your pores tight. Palmer's foaming cleanser is full of vitamins that your skin will absolutely love, the foaming milky product helps to revive dull skin, remove impurities and help skin to glow. Perfect for these winter months when the nights are long and dark. You'll have glowing skin! Available online and in store. 48334-2 Winter Skin Step 3 - Moisturize! After cleansing, you must moisturize within 60 seconds. Leaving freshly cleansed open skin can cause a lot more drying than if you was to moisturize within the first minute after cleansing. You should try overnight moisturizing, so layer on some moisturizer just before bed and let your skin absorb everything for the softest skin imaginable. I'd recommend Nivea tin, a really rich, thick, creamy moisturizer perfect for body and face. This is a cream that's been around for as long as i can remember,  NIVEA Creme’s unique preservative free formulation has remained under lock and key since its birth in 1911. It provides the skin with all it needs to stay pure, making it the all time beauty classic! Available in store and online! Check out my blogs on Diy face masks perfect for winter skin!
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