Extensions Q&A - Lockdown Edition.

Firstly, we hope all of you gorgeous lot are keeping safe! What a strange year 2020 has been, right?

Since clients have been returning to our salon, We’ve had a lot of questions regarding hair extensions and the maintenance of them to make them last that little bit longer, especially since the recent lockdown in March 2020.

The main methods people are asking for advice on is: Tape Extensions and Beaded Weave Extensions. We’ve been fitting Tape-In extensions in our extension specialist salon at Paul’s since 2017, and fitting weaves since 2013. We are one of the most experienced salons in these methods in Manchester City Centre. Tape has definitely got more and more popular over the last few years, it’s the newest method on the market at the moment. It’s designed for clients who want to naturally enhance their hair, whilst keeping it comfortable, flexible and stylable. Weave is for that princess hair before and after of a long flowing mane, but whatever your preferences are.. We can help you achieve them!

The main questions we’re getting are:

Q: How do you remove tape yourself? And is it safe to remove them?
A: You can remove them yourself, but you’re better off seeing a specialist to do it if you can – as it can be a bit tricky. But, if you need to, It’s completely safe (just be patient as it takes some time!). We recommend getting yourself a decent tape extension remover such as American Dream Tape Remover (we use this in our salon), it’s not the cheapest on the market but it’s extremely affective and causes no damage. You apply the remover to the extensions, wait a few seconds for it to work its magic, and then peel the extensions out. You’ll be left with a little residue of tape when the extensions are out; we suggest applying a little more remover and using an old comb to remove the rest of the residue. This works best if you do it piece by piece starting at the bottom. Then give your hair a nice shampoo and conditioning treatment!

Q: What brand of tape is right for me?
A: We stock 2 types in store, but we can access another 3 types using our suppliers. The most popular brand we use in salon is American Dream Ultimate Tape, which comes in 20pcs packs. This has a wide range of colours which can be blended to create your ideal mach. Each pack weighs around 40g, distributing this weight evenly using 2inch strips which sit in pairs when applied. They are available in 14, 18 or 22 inches.  The other most popular brand at the moment (which requires pre-ordering) is Beauty Works Invisi-Tapes, which come in 20 inches in variety of shades and some balayage shades which are great for a root blend or balayage hair colour.

Q: What shampoo can I use on my Tapes?
A: We recommend using a sulphate/sulfate free shampoo. The reason behind this is, sulphates are a cleansing agent what strips the hair of moisture and essential oils (leaving the hair a little too clean sometimes!). Big no-no brands can usually be found in most shops and supermarkets, such as Aussie, Tresemme and OGX. However, they do specify on the packaging if the shampoo is sulphate free or not, so keep an eye out! We have a few favourites, such as Beauty Works Argan Oil Sulphate Free Shampoo. Another one of our top sellers is Creme Of Nature Argan Oil Moisture Shampoo. Both brands have conditioners, masks and heat protectors in the same range designed to complement each other. You can purchase these in store and online.

Q: How many times can I re-use my tapes?
A: Tapes can be re-used as long as the polyurethane panel at the top stays intact. Things that can minimise damage to this can be: not using much heat, being gentle when removing them, using the correct remover, and using the correct shampoo and conditioner. Medical grade adhesive is re-applied to the panel and it can then be re-applied to your hair as new! Your stylist will advise you if there are any signs of damage or the panel breaking down, and advise you on what to do next.

Q: Are tape extensions safe for thin and very fine hair?

A: Definitely! Tape extensions can be applied in fine or very thin hair as they are extremely flat and discreet. They have been designed so that you can position them to suit the clients head shape and they can easily be worn in most styles due to the size of the pieces, making them virtually undetectable. If you’re unsure if your hair is too thin, or even too thick for tape extensions, we would suggest calling in to have an informal discussion with a hair extension specialist in the form of a consultation. If your hair is fine, you may be advised to return for your maintenance sooner than normal, but this is in your hairs best interests so please trust your stylist!.

Q: How long can I leave my tapes in for without damaging my hair?
A: Every persons hair is different, but we advise to keep tape extensions in no longer than 8-12 weeks depending on the thickness of your hair. The reason being, the longer they remain in your hair, the longer they are attached to the section of hair they have been applied to when fitting them. Hair sheds on the average persons head up to 150-200 hairs per day, so the amount of unshed hair in the section decreases over the period of wear. This is to minimise risk of the extensions weighing down your hair, or snapping any fragile strands should the weight bear be too much. Also, the longer you have them in, the more difficult it is to hide them – so between 2 and 3 months is perfect timing to keep them looking fabulous!

Q: What is the top of the tape made out of?
A: The top panel of the tape is made from polyurethane. Medical grade adhesive is then applied to the panel to make it sticky, so it can be applied to your hair in pairs.

The questions below are in reference to the famous Beaded Weave. This is also known as LA Weave, Celebrity Weave, Micro Weave and Bond Weave, just to name a few! Silicone lined aluminium beads are applied to your hair in 1cm sections in a curved row, and the weave/weft extensions are expertly sewn to sit on top of the beads. Our team are very experienced in what’s best suited to your hair, positioning and the amount of hair you will need to make them look as natural as possible!

Here are a few questions we get asked about our weaves:

Q: How long does a weave last for?
A: There are 2 answers to this question. The first one is in reference to how long the actual fitting of the extensions will last before you need to come back for a re-fit. The length of time for this is usually again around 8-12 weeks. For the same reasons as tape extensions need re-applying, it is safer for your hair if you leave it no longer than 3 months. We had a few clients return to us after lockdown with their weaves still intact which were fitted in Late February/Beginning of March and they lasted until July 5th.. This is an amazing outcome! Ideally, these clients definitely would have visited sooner if lockdown permitted it, but no damage was caused to their hair during this time.

Q: What hair do I need to buy for a weave to be fitted?
A: Preferably, Remy hair should be used when fitting a weave, or a high quality standard human hair. Remy hair is usually cuticle correct so the hair strands are smoother when next to each other. You can usually find a grading of a collection of A’s or Stars on your hair extensions, but sometimes this is a marketing technique.. so please only purchase your extensions from a reputable company with experience of using different brands. Here at Paul’s Hair World, we are not biased to brand or price, so we will always advice what’s best when matching your colour or abundance of hair you require. A few of our best sellers are: Beauty Works Celebrity Choice, Beauty Works Gold Weft 150g, Hair Couture Gold Weft 150g, Remi Goddess by Sensationnel and American Dream Ultimate.

Q: Can I take my weave out myself?
A:  Yes, but again we advise having a professional remove it for you if you can. If you’re desperate, you’ll need a mirror where you can see the back of your head, pliers, a hair clip and some little scissors. You’ll need to section the hair above the weave away to minimise any snipping. Then, carefully snip the thick cotton which is holding the weft to the beads. The weft will then come away from your head making it easy to see the beads underneath. You’ll then take your pliers, and squeeze the beads from horizontal until they open and slide out. Comb out the build up of product from where the beads have been sitting and treat your hair to a treatment and a wash before you have them re-fitted!

These questions are from our returning customers and the answers are from our salon team. Feel free to contact us if you need any more information, you can also book an appointment with us via the Treatwell app or via phone on 0161 839 0708.

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Thanks for reading!

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