Dreads like Sasha Lane!

sasha lane dreadsss

If you haven't heard of Sasha Lane before then you have now, Sasha is an up and coming actress known for her raw role in the up and coming flick American Honey. Since her face graced the screen she's been in magazines and blogs for her fashion forward, daring style. Her ever changing hairstyles mean that this woman is one to watch if you want to keep your eye out for up and coming trends.


Have you ever thought of having dreads yourself? There are many different ways to have dreads whether it be to dread your own hair or you're looking for something less permanent, synthetic dreads. We sell a range of different products that can help you achieve your dream dreads, we sell X-pressions hair which is perfect for making synthetic dreads yourself at home. Read my tutorial on this, here. As well as this we also sell packets of synthetic hair that has been pre-dreaded for easier installation, we sell Jamaican Locks which is great for wearing when you want the dread look without actually having or wearing dreads. Come check out our selection in store or online here.  Having dreads doesn't mean that you have to stick to only having dreads, Sasha shows that with a little imagination you can wear your dreads in a multitude of different ways and pave the way for statement style everyday. Space buns, side plait, french braid, all these are styles that are wearable with dreads, if you thought dreads weren't versatile then you can think again!


Did you know that Sasha Lanes go to hair products for the upkeep of her dreads are by shea moisture? Find Shea moisture in our store or online here.

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