' dreadring ' to try hair jewellery?

nnwwwwwIf you're reading this then you haven't been put off by my horrible pun in the title, i commend you. Hair jewellery is a perfect way to add a bit of sass to your braids or dreads if you're feeling bored with them. I know not everybody is a fan of bright colours, so if you're the type of person who fancies a change that's a little more subtle then why not try hair jewellery? Jewellery isn't just for the body, 2016 has seen the rise of dangly hair jewels and hair rings in high street stores, celebrities and shoppers alike as we dangle stones, gems and chains from our ponytails and braids. hhhhhh Currently, in store at Pauls Hair World we have the Beauty Town Filigree tubes ( similar to ones pictured above ), used to add a little glam to your braids or dreads these are fabulously priced at 99p for a packet of 12. In a range of different colours there are some for everyone, some for every outfit, for every makeup look. Clip some pink ones in to frame your face and set off that new pink lipstick, what about some silver ones to add a little more sparkle to that glittery smokey eye? Worth a try! If you're a little more daring then why don't you try adding a bit of colour to your braids as well? Check out the post I wrote about Colour Braid!    
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