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il_fullxfull.493581072_9dh2 Have you made the decision to paint your tresses a brilliant turquoise blue, Apple green or anything as vibrant and crazy? Are you wondering how to care for them afterwards, how to save your mermaid color from washing away every morning? Directions is here to help you maintain your vivid, vibrant color to get the most out of your dye job! Their color care collection adds shine and manageability to your coloured hair, i for one know how hard keeping down a bold color can be, how damaged you hair can feel after pre lightening! However, look no further as Directions has you covered! banner-colour-range Directions Pre Colour Shampoo : This product is meant for use before any of the Semi permanent directions color dyes. This is 250 ml of clarifying shampoo, it radically removes dirt, grease and product build up from your hair so that the color can have a better grip.I would use twice to get a better lather up and make sure the cuticles are fully open! Opening up the cuticle will make hair feel really dry but it allows for more color to become absorbed, in turn helping your color to last a little longer and remain as bright as when you first colored it! Hands down beats a vinegar rinse!! Just remember to follow up with Directions conditioner for the ultimate hair luxury! Colour Protecting shampoo & conditioner : If you have had a funky color on your hair before, you must know how hard it is to save the color from running out every time you wash your hair. Directions color saving duo takes away that stress, a shampoo which refuses to strip your color deposits and a conditioner to fully moisturize those locks afterwards means your hair will have great shine, great manageability and great color all the time! After coloring, use shampoo and shampoo twice just to get a great lather! Wash away and see how little color is removed, you'll never use another shampoo again! Condition afterwards for the silky soft feel and your candy coloured hair will be the talk among hair dye die hards. If you're thinking of dying your hair a bright color, check out some of my recent blogs for a bit of inspiration! Why not try the Crazy Colour New romantics range? I'd also recommend using the directions lightening kit for pre-lightening! All Directions color care products available in store at Paul's Hair World If you've tried the directions color care, head on over to our instagram and tell us what you think! human-hair-extensions-dip-dyed
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