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We sell a wide range of hair extensions online and in store that you can attach clips to yourself, however, if you're looking for hair that is already clipped and of Remy quality then Beauty Works is the brand you need to ask for! There are two sets available within the beauty works clip in range, the deluxe hair set and also a double hair set. As hair varies in thickness, cut and length from person to person there are a range of different options to choose from including 5 different lengths and 3 different weights within the clip in section.


The Deluxe Clip in sets by Beauty Works come in 3 different lengths, 16 inches, 18 inches and also 20 inches. Each packet is 140g of 100% human hair, the shorter you go in length the thicker the extensions are going to feel. The deluxe set of clip ins are perfect for adding volume to fine hair and adding a little extra length, in this set there are only 3 clip in pieces, this set is easier to hide if your hair is thinning towards the crown and perfect for you if  you find you have very fine hair and are worried about the clips being visible. These clip in extensions are designed to be discreet, the lace weft sewing system gives you that 3 rows full thickness but on a flat piece of lace allowing the extensions to sit flat against your head and refrain from causing bumps.

  • 140g per packet
  • perfect for finer hair
  • 3 different lengths ( 16, 18, 20 )
  • Pack Contains: Large piece: 2 x 11". Nape piece: 1 x 8" weft
  • Available in 22 colors
  • Lace weft
  • Silicone barrier clips
  • Double drawn


The double hair set is available in two different lengths, 18 inches and 20 inches. The double set of extensions is perfect for the person with medium/ thick hair, 220g ( 22 inches ) of hair is the thickest packet of hair that we do in store, perfect for adding extra length and volume to already long hair. This is a set of 6 piece clip ins, as there are so many we would recommend the double hair set for someone who has thicker hair otherwise they might be hard to disguise. These clip ins are again on a lace weft for that sleek bump free look, the lace allows hair to be packed neatly and flatly for Beauty Works thickets and longest clip ins yet!

  • 18'' = 180g
  • 22'' = 220g
  • Available in 16 different colours
  • Lace Weft
  • Silicone barrier on clips
  • Double drawn
  • Perfect for medium/thick hair
    x2 11” Full head wefts 
    x2 8” Mid size wefts 
    x2 2.5” Face framing wefts
Come in store to get matched up in either of these two sets, ask our sales advisers for assistance or simply purchase through our website here.  We only recommend Beauty Works Aftercare when using Beauty Works products, to be redirected to Beauty Works aftercare please click here. 

Remember we have A Buy Now Pay Later option on orders over £50!

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