Creme of Nature - Argan Oil!

vreme of nature

Cream of Nature Argan Oil £14.99 Argan oil, the golden elixer created by hair gods to allow us to have luxurious shiny, soft, managebale and healthy hair. This oil is nicknamed liquid gold for a reason, perfect for finishing styles, injecting life back into fried, dull, lifeless hair and can even be great on skin! Argan oil is commonly used for hair repair, it penetrates the hair to help moisture each layer of the strand for a long-term repair solution. Hair will look and start to feel softer, silkier and shinier after a few applications. This oil is full of essential fatty acids, perfect for maintaining hair and also for keeping a healthy scalp. Mix argan oil into your favourite conditioner for an added extra nourishment, mix with natural ingredients such as honey, avocado, yoghurt or oats to create moisturising hair masks at home. If you feel your skin is feeling dry, mix with ingredients to create a face mask, simply use on its own if you wish. Perfect for nails, skin and hair! Click here to see an older post on home made masks! Cream of Nature Argan oil has No fillers No mineral oil No parabens and No sulfates

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