Creating the perfect smokey eye look

For show stopping glamour, nothing beats a sultry, smokey eye. This timeless look is a firm red carpet favourite, creating a dramatic, sophisticated look that never goes out of fashion. If you're going for this effect, you need to get it perfect, as badly blended eye-shadows and clumsily applied eyeliners will spoil the look. It can take a bit of practice, so try it out at home a few times before you reveal your new look to the world.

You can blend any colours to get your smokey-eye effect, so experiment with colours and shades. Gold’s and browns work well together, with greys, greens and purples creating a funky alternative smokey look. Try a lighter look for daytime and add some darker colours for a more dramatic, eye catching evening look. To get the perfect smokey eyes, the team at Pauls Hair World have put together these simple, easy to follow steps: • Do your eye makeup first, before you apply any foundation or other make up to the rest of your face. This means you can wipe away any excess shadow around your eyes without rubbing your make up off. • Make sure you have a good set of brushes for applying and blending different colours. • Prime your eye area with a good-quality foundation or concealer to create a base for your eye makeup. • Use a light shade under your eyebrow, a medium shade to your lower lashes and a lighter shade to the inner corner of your eyelid. • Blend a darker shade to the outer area of your eyelids, and use a shimmery shade to blend this with your lighter colour underneath your brows. • Add extra definition with a dramatically dark eyeliner pencil, and finish the look with plenty of mascara (or add fake lashes for the full-on effect). It's a good idea to choose a smokey eye palette with complementary colours to ensure your smokey eye blends and the colours complement each other. Click here to shop the range of professional eye makeup pallets available at Pauls Hair World.
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