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STRAND TEST RECOMMENDED. Jerome Russel is an award winning brand that's recently been shortlisted for 2017 hair awards hopefully winning best temporary color, we're not surprised with the colors they've been delivering recently. A wide range of temporary color toners have allowed us to create colorful creations or mistakes in my case, in the comfort of our own home.



Last year was the year every celeb that matters went Rose Gold or silver, Kylie Jenner and Zara Larson rocked the rose gold look earlier this year just to name a couple. It seems to be a trend that's spilling into 2017 but we aren't complaining. To cater for the ever growing demand of candy floss locks and the coolest of cold tones, Jerome Russel have released two new toners which will have you smashing either of these desired looks in no time! Introducing Rose Gold and Denim! These Two maximum color toners deposit maximum color for locks that pack a punch, steer clear of damage with their nourishing, moisturizing formula which will work its magic while you wait.



These are products that should be used on pre lightened or naturally blonde hair, anything darker than a blonde shade will have no effect. Jerome Russel maximum color toner is designed to tone your blonde color from bleached and brassy to a lovely rose gold or denim tone, simply massage toner through towel dried hair and apply heat for 5 minutes. Once finished allow the toner to rest for up to 30 minutes, Depending on your strand test results. The maximum developing time for this product is 30 minutes but if you found your strand test needed a shorter length of time then use that time for developing the full head. Simply wash and you're left with beautiful coloured hair! To purchase denim click here. To Purchase Rose Gold click here!

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