Colour correction with LA Girl!

concealer colourrrs Instagram has seen the rise in many beauty related trends, silicone makeup brushes, ombre brows, rainbow highlighter, unicorn eyeliner, a plethora of fun makeup ideas can be found on the website as well as some pretty useful tutorials. Ever since i saw somebody contour clown makeup into a perfectly chiseled profile i was hooked on these color correction concealers, LA Girl have dipped their toes into the color correction scene and are doing a fantastic job! New In store at the minute are the LA Girl concealers, along with a wide range of natural skin tones they have also released some funky colors that are used for color correction. Have dark circles round your eyes? A really red pimple? These are a life saver, they're designed to blend out a color opposite them on the color wheel, for example, if you have a really red people or red cheeks then using the green concealer and blending that out will help to tone down the redness giving you an even skin tone once foundation's applied.
  • Orange - Neutralizes dark spots on medium/darker skin tones.
  • Yellow - Great at concealing purple/blue undertones, under eye bags, bruises, veins.
  • Green - Neutralizes red tones, good for using on pimples, scars, roacia.
  • Lavender - Neutralizes yellow tones, under eye bags, bruises, yellowing skin.
  • Peach - Neutralizes dark spots for light/medium skin.
  • Light yellow - Brightens dull and sallow looking skin.

    color-wheel-copy1 copy

    If you're interested in purchasing any of our LA Girl concealers than head on over to our website here or have a browse in store!

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