Cleopatra's Kiss - Sleek Highlighting Palette!

new sleek palette

I am a massive lover of Sleek makeup, i think they're one of the best high street brands out there when it comes to bang for your bucks. Each product i have tried has had a powerful punch of color, super pigmented and long lasting life, whether it's the matte lipsticks or their powdery pressed eye shadows. Sleek is a brand that really knows what the high street wants and never fails in bringing quality products at an affordable price. I was SO happy to receive one of their new Highlighter palettes having heard so many amazing things about them!


This is a highlighting palette that had me feeling a million dollars, all the glitter and glam of a Cleopatra headdress, this golden treasure box holds a face and body combo with a mixture of cream and velvety powders. My hair color is currently a copper shade and i'm loving playing around with brown hues and golden shades, i think they complement my skin tone really well when my hair's this color! This is a pallet made to suit all skin tones, which is why i got so excited! My skin tone tends to be very yellow and i really struggle to find shades that suit me but the consistency of these creams allow them to blend and glide seamlessly into your skin for a really subtle natural look and each shade managed to give me a glow that my sallow skin tends to lack.


Top to bottom ; Sphinx, Delta, Dynasty, Goddess. There are 4 shades in this palette, i swatched them above so that you are able to see their color pay off. As you can see, every color you get is super shimmery and pigmented, it's very much the quality of a higher end brand but this beauty is only £9.99. An absolute bargain, i have since purchased the precious metals palette because i was so impressed! I find these palettes are very versatile for different makeup looks, they're perfect for day time and night time wear. Sphinx shade is a great shade for highlighting across the brow bone and lifting the brows, to highlight down the bridge of the nose Sleek recommend to use the Delta shade. Adding subtle shimmer to the cheekbones with the every so glorious dynasty and enhance your cupids bow for a Cleopatra like pout with the shade Goddess! Each of these shades can also be used as an eye shadow if you fancy playing around with them, i did and found that i really liked Dynasty in the corner of my eyes. I felt it brightened them up and made them pop a little more! I'd highly recommend purchasing a sleek highlighting palette, i absolutely loved this one, so much so that i purchased another one and now i have two to play around with! Have you purchased one of these? Let us know on Instagram how you found them! PURCHASE SLEEK HIGHLIGHTER PALLETTES HERE OR IN STORE. Hayley x

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