Clamp down on chapped lips this winter!

winter-chapped-lips We've already touched on treating our faces with a little extra love this winter, but, it's time to focus on our lips! They're exposed to the same frosty temperatures that our faces are, so we can't leave them out of our winter care routine else they'll end up chapped, flaking, cracking and really sore! Here's a few lip products i recommend during these temperatures that will have your lips feeling plump, soft and well moisturised!


Palmers Flip Balm  Flip Balm, a clever play on words for this clever little device that packs a nourishing punch! A flip down lip balm created by Palmers for on the go, long lasting refreshing moisture. This is a lip balm made up of natural moisturisers which include, coco butter, shea butter and vitamin C. Infused with coconut oil to ensure this lip balm glides on effortlessly and will keep your pout perfectly moisturised for up to 24 hours. All it takes is one ' flip and click '. ( available in store and online )


Vaseline Lip Therapy  Vaseline a huge name in the lip softening industry ( if that even is an industry? ) and the lip therapy range is one that does exactly what it says on the tin! Available in a few different flavors my favorite is the cocoa butter, enriched with actual cocoa butter for the softest smoothest lips around! Perfectly sized in a durable tin these are awesome for throwing into your bag and not having to worry whether it's split or splurged all over your bags contents! Perfect for easy, mess free travelling and definitely worth picking up to keep your pout plump!


 Palmer's dark chocolate and cherry. Palmers dark chocolate and mint. This is personally my favorite, i absolutely love Palmers and their products. I find them incredibly rich, nourishing and they always smell amazing! This is no exception, the cherry scent is divine and it leaves my lips feeling thoroughly silky and moisturized! The tint is gorgeous too, gives a subtle glow to an otherwise wintry complexion and the pop of sheer color warms up anyone's day time look. If you like chocolate and you like cherry then pick one of these up for a luxurious lip therapy! They also have a dark chocolate and mint if you like that fresh tingly feeling of a menthol lip balm.

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