Christmas Party Hair in Minutes? OH BEEHIVE!

Beauty Works presents the perfect solution to a quick and easy updo without the help of a professional. This clip-in messy beehive bun provides you with that desired volume in minutes, and the best part about it, there is no need to back comb. This perfectly styled top knot has been a popular look on the runway and the red carpet this season, being pictured on many A list celebrities. The bun features internal clips with a draw string application, which means your hair experiences a stylish transformation in minutes. Various styles can be created with this hair piece as it can be clipped to any part of your head. If elegance is what you're after then wear on the lower part of your head, either at the back or more to the side. For a more fun and edgy look, wear high on your head. This look is perfect for women with thin hair who want to add volume. Faking it just got easier so make sure your looking like an A lister this Christmas. Here's our step by step guide to achieving gorgeous Christmas party hair Application time: 5 minutes Step 1. Simply style the front of your own hair as desired, and tie the rest back into a bun. Step 2. Clip the hair bun into position over your own hair and pull the elastic string. For extra hold, secure in place with hair grips. Step 3. For a more natural aesthetic, you can incorporate your own hair to blend in with the hair piece.
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