Choppy Lob here to stay?


It feels like I've spent the past 2 years growing out my Pixie cut to achieve this hair style and i still don't have the length i need to pull off this look. I'm so glad it isn't going anywhere, with stars such as Selena Gomez chopping off their locks early January 2017, it seems the choppy lob is set to be a staple for the remainder of the year or so i hope. This shoulder grazing style elongates the neck and frames the face perfectly, blunt edges make the hair appear thicker than it is and the short choppy layers up top add volume a single length bob wouldn't be able to achieve. This look is perfect for every type of personality, wear it sleek and straight if you're a neat kind of person but funk it up with sea salt spray and back combing if you prefer the just gotten out of bed look. A very versatile hair style, you reckon you'll follow Selena Gomez foot steps and chop off your locks?


If you don't have hair long enough to do this just yet, Ask in store or call us about our Lob offer and find out more ways than one of how you can achieve this look! Contact :  0161 839 0708

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