How to choose your perfect hair extensions online

  hair extensions online Buying hair extensions is one of the biggest decisions you'll make about your appearance and it will especially if you have never tried them before. While it is possible to have them fitted at your local salon, your choice will be limited and the price inflated so the best place to purchase them is online.

How to Match your colour online

Finding the perfect shade online can be difficult if you have never bought hair extensions before. At Pauls Hair World we give you the opportunity to buy or loan one of our colour match samples.

How to find your perfect hair extensions online

The new hair extensions finder tool can guide you through the decision process in a simple, step-by-step manner. First choose which type of extensions you want from human hair, synthetic or budget options. You are then given further options within your chosen category before being guided to your colour selection. Next you choose the size you require, followed by the style, straight or curly. Your results are then shown so that you can easily choose from this narrowed down list of options that are right for you. This can bring up some interesting suggestions that you might not even have heard of before, such as the Halo style extension that you simply place on your head and use your own hair to affix it with the innovative wire. This allows you to blend the extensions in with your own hair quickly and easily. One of the biggest choices you will make is whether to go for synthetic or human extensions, each has its advantages. Of course human hair is said to be more natural looking, but synthetic hair can be easier to manage and somewhat more hardy. However, the Remy extensions that are currently popular are harvested carefully in a manner that will ensure shine and strength without compromising on softness. One of the most popular brands for human hair extensions is Beauty Works, which is priced competitively for human hair and have the added bonus of fitting into place in a variety of simple yet secure ways. The choice they offer is varied in terms of type, colour, style and price range and their ethos is that every girl deserves to have celebrity hair, so expect them to keep up with the latest A-list trends that will turn heads!   Have you tried our Hair Extensions Finder?
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