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Remi Goddess 3 way Part £22.99 - £28.99

The Remi Goddess Closure is a high quality yaki closure perfect for achieving the ultimate natural look, this closure can be worn 3 ways, it can be hand tied lace, invisible parting and can also be worn a natural blend way. This parting is perforated already for a super easy and quick application. This is a closure that's suitable for all hair types, the hand tied lace way of wearing this is great for ladies who have very little hair to work with on the crown, you do not separate the perforation down the center and can use it straight from the package this way! Invisible parting is the second way this closure can be worn, this method of fitting is used for a very defined parting, simply perforate the center parting and fit this way for a more voluminous look. The last way this closure can be worn is the most natural way, this way is worn by blending your own hair with the closure hair for added volume. This is a hassle free, convenient way of adding more oomph to your hair around the parting area. This closure is available in 12 and 14 inches, in 4 different colors, 100% human hair, remi yaki.


Hairaisers Brazilian Collection Closure £32.99 - £45.99 T

his closure is available in 3 different styles, body wave, natural wave and straight. These closures are available in length from 10 inches up to 18 despite which style you decide to choose. These closures are unprocessed meaning they haven't been coloured before, as a result these closures only come in a natural black shade, however, they can be coloured, permed, bleached and even chemically styled using the hand book that's provided with purchase. You can also buy bulk packets of hair in this brand, 3 different lengths in 6 different bundles and the closure comes free. Ask one of our sales assistants in store to help you browse.



Sleek breathable closure Silk breathable closure is available in Yaki or silky texture so there's an option for each texture of hair no matter what you decide to choose for your weave. The Breathable Closure is made of 100% human hair. It is 100% hand tied on a soft piece of thin net which allows air to easily pass through it keeping your scalp healthy and fresh. The hand knot technique makes the hair look like have grown from your own scalp.

Sold out online, only available in store. body12_closure
Bare & Natural full lace  £65.99

This full lace, ear to ear closure is fully hand tied and silk based. It's 11.5 inches by 3.5 when measuring from ear to ear. It has a natural lace hairline and unlimited parting, complete with baby hairs this is a closure that offers you the most natural of looks. This closure comes in unprocessed human hair and you have a body wave or straight option to choose from. To make this closure your own you have an ability to bleach and dye this hair as this is unprocessed meaning it hasn't been coloured before. Each closure should come with a small booklet that tells you how you can color your closure with minimal damage to the quality of the hair.  

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