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Cantu is a well known brand specifically formulated for people with wavy, curly or coarse hair. Infusing their products with Shea butter or coconut ensures that each products is nourishing and beneficial for both hair and scalp. Shea butter is a common product used in the upkeep of healthy skin and thus is Cantu best selling range. Introducing the New Cantu Refresh Range, a range that's also infused with Apple Cider Vinegar and tea tree for the ultimate in deep cleansing, refreshing routines. Apple Cider vinegar dry co-wash  This is a product that is suitable for everyone no matter your hair type, weather you wear a weave or not. This product can be used on straight hair, curly hair and even extensions as it is sulfate free, contains no silicone's or parabens and mineral oils! This part dry shampoo part conditioner product is perfect for refreshing, absorbing excess oils and leaving hair clean without any powder residue like other dry shampoo. . Bring your hair back to life by lightly spraying over hair evenly and letting dry, this fine mist of Shea butter and tea tree with deeply cleanse and nourish your hair in one easy step Apple Cider Root Rinse

root rinse Apple Cider Root Rinse is an alternative to shampoo when you feel your hair needs a deeper wash and your scalp needs some nourishment. This product is great for soothing sore, itchy and dry scalp, simply apply to roots and massage in for a deeper detox, wash away and reveal stronger healthier hair with a natural shine. Great for people who have braids, twists, locs and weaves. No sulfates, parabens or mineral oils and is infused with tea tree oil for extra healing and soothing properties. Root Relief

A product great for styling weaves and locs this root relief product nourishes roots to promote healthy hair growth, infused with peppermint this is a great one for conditioning and soothing the scalp, relief from dry scalp has never been easier. Simply squeeze to dispense product, massage into roots and style as usual. For best results this product should be used with root rinse to cleanse and refresh the scalp deeply.
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