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Halloween in huge this year in Manchester, market street will soon be a ghoulish parade the Arndale a hub of freakish festivities and Paul's Hair world is not one to shy away from the fun!  We have a Halloween cove just as you enter the store, contacts and fake blood galore! The window display is adorned with ghastly green lights, spiders and their webs but the most talked about feature is our mannequins decorated like sugar skulls!

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New in store this year are Flower Crowns pictured like the ones above, perfect for creating this candy skull look! Hurry, only while stocks last! This is a look that is freaky but still quite feminine if you're looking to stay a little lady like this year, a really simple and easy look to create with very little expense! You would really only need a white face paint or a black face paint to create said look. A simple color scheme will work just as well, more skeletal in my opinion and perfect for this time of year! Have a look at some of the face paints we sell in store and online! Prices range from £0.59 - £1.99 Once you have your face paint down, all you need now is a flower crown and a pot of glitter, you're good to go! Both are available in store, we have snazaroo glitter gel in various different colors from silver to green, red, purple, colors perfect for a stand out eye pattern on a look like this!  Of course if you did want to splash out a little more you could always purchase some fake eyelashes in garish colors or some different coloured face paints for a truly floral face! Ask our sales assistants in store and pick up everything you need!

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