Bright Braids


Braids don't have to be boring, there are many ways to wear a braid whether it be a box braid, french braid or even a fish tail brad. They can be jazzed up in a variety of different ways , they can be extended, injected with colour, sprayed with glitter and hooked with jewels or rings. Have you ever thought of sprucing up your average braid?




Braids, whether they be regular plaits , box braids or french braids can be extended using human hair in bulk or synthetic hair . Sensational Colour Braid is a brand of synthetic hair that is commonly used, made from kanekalon and normally around 82'' in length it makes for the perfect extension for a range of different braid styles. Colour braid is NEW in and available in store at Pauls Hair World , they come in a range of unnatural colours, we got your pastel blues and pinks, emerald green and royal purple. Something like colour braid is the perfect way to spruce up your regular braids for a while or when you're feeling a change for a night on the tiles but one you can happily unravel in the morning. Use for box braids ( pictured below ) or as extensions in alien braids.



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