Brand spotlight: Universal hair extensions

Universal hair extensions   For the ultimate in hair extensions, then check out the Universal hair extensions range here at Paul's Hair world. This professional grade range offers a wide range of hair extension products to both wholesale trade and individual customers.

Two main types of product

There are two primary types of Universal hair extensions available, clip ins and wefts which are bonded. The clip-in Universal hair extensions are ideal for quickly and flexibly adapting your look. Each clip-in variety has 105grams of wholly human hair, available in lengths of 14, 18 and 20 inches. Plus a huge range of over fifty colour shades. Click here to shop the Universal range of clip-in hair extensions.

Wefts for the professional finish

The Universal weft hair extensions range is available in seventy different shades and colours, from the brightest blondes to the bluest blacks. With a great range of high fashion bolds, brights and head turning mixes. Wefts are great for longer-term finishes when they are professionally bonded in. Or they can be clipped in for a convenient boost to length or thickness when your style - or mood - dictates.

Products to care for your extensions

We also sell a wide range of complementary products to and many products for maintenance. These products help to ensure that you care for your hair extensions and keep them looking their absolute best for as long as possible. Good care of your 100% human hair extensions will maintain your investment and allow you to use them time and time again.
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