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We've sold Remi Cachet for a number of years now and have ALWAYS loved their products! As the brand is becoming more popular due to product demand, Here's a little about the brand and their most popular types! Definite hair envy. additionallengthstape Our best selling items in store at our Head Office are: Remi Cachet Remy Weft 110g -  This was one of the first wefts we got from Remi Cachet a few years ago. It's excellent hair, feels lovely when its in and its super silky. The colour range isn't too extensive in this hair type, which is probably the only downfall if you'd call it one! This item is an ONLINE EXCLUSIVE on our website due to demand! Prices start from £130.00
Remi Cachet hair extensions are a new brand of Remi hair extensions to launch in the UK. The Remi Cachet range of hair is luxury quality Chinese hair which has been hand selected to ensure excellent quality hair is chosen before production. The hair is Double Drawn giving fullness from the roots to tips. 100% Human Hair Hair, Length 18", Weight - 110g (full pack), Remi AAA+ - Double Drawn Cuticle correct root to point, Durability 3-6 months (with correct maintenance). The Remi Cachet wefted hair extensions can be fitted using various application techniques. To leave the weft attached, they can be fitted using cold bonding hair extension glue. The Weaving bond, Liquid gold or Toupee Tape would be ideal for this or by using the weave and sew method. To apply using a hot melt adhesive, the hair would be cut from the weft and applied in individual bonds by a extension professional. Our Remi Cachet Hair Extensions have a durability of 3-6 months with continuous wear providing the correct aftercare products have been used to keep the hair healthy. We recommend our specifically designed hair care products to help maintain the life of your hair extensions. If the hair extensions are not maintained correctly from the beginning of wear then they will not last as long as expected. The hair extensions can be cut, curled, straightened & styled just like your normal hair.
You can shop this item here.  Remi Cachet Elegance Weft 120g - Remi Cachet Elegance Weft Hair Extensions are produced using the Remi Cachet Elegance Hair which is sourced from the southern regions of Russia and Mongolia. The hair is hand selected before delicate production to ensure high quality is maintained throughout the production process. Prices start from £180.00. Weft Hair Extension, Available in 16" & 20", Hand Selected Russian Mongolian Hair, Double Drawn, 100% Human Remy Hair, Will last 6 - 9+ months with correct maintenance. This product is made with a weft and can be attached in various ways by a hair extension professional. If applying using adhesive, we recommend washing the root area of the extension prior to application to minimise shedding. We recommend the use of professional extension products produced entirely for hair extensions, to wash and maintain your hair. The Remi Cachet Elegance range will last approximately 6 - 9 months if correct maintenance and after-care are carried out on the hair during wear. You can shop this item here. Remi Cachet Elegance Super Weft 180g - NEW to Additional Lengths is the Remi Cachet Elegance Super Weft! Weight - 180g, Grade AAAA+ Remy Hair, Hand Selected Luxury Quality Mongolian Hair Extensions, Will last 6 - 9+ months with correct maintenance, Max Weft width - approx 4ft This product is excellent for applying in Micro Wefts or LA weaves, due to the volume on the shorter weft width based on the hair density. You can book in for weaves with us using Treatwell and searching Pauls Hair World, or call 0161 839 0708. Remi Cachet Elegance is brought to you and produced using the finest quality 100% human hair sourced from the southern regions of Russia and Mongolia. The hair is hand selected before delicate production to ensure high quality is maintained throughout the production process. Maintenance
  • Before washing, detangle hair from ends to roots with a hair extensions brush/comb.
  • Carefully wash with luke warm water in an upright position using recommended shampoo.
  • Do not massage or twist hair and follow with recommended conditioner.
  • Gently squeeze out any excess water and pat dry with a towel.
  • Do not roll or rub hair into the towel.
  • Follow with recommended aftercare products such as Serum or Hair Oils whilst damp then finish drying.
  • Your luxury hair is then ready to dry style as required.
  • For bonded hair, do not apply heat over areas where adhesives are applied.
Please note: Remi Cachet and authorised suppliers do not accept any responsibility for hair that is coloured or altered after purchase. You can buy this item here. Remi Cachet have their own range of aftercare which they recommend to use on their hair extensions. You can purchase this on our website here. hollywoodadditionalremi-cachet-aftercare-gift-set-p535-3594_zoom  remi-cachet-remi-cachet-elegance-super-weft-p465-1377_zoom These images are from our Manchester Weave Bar using Remi Cachet hair extensions: wb1 wb2    
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