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Remi Cachet Hair Extensions  

Remi Cachet is all about affordable luxury with their 100% human hair extensions.  Famed for their #GorgeousHairIsAChoice they offer a wide range of hair extensions with different application methods, hair sources to get the right match with your hair and a range of tools to make the extensionist life easier.  Not to mention their aftercare range specifically formulated to keep the hair gorgeous throughout the wear.   Here at Paul’s Hair World, we stock the complete range of their most successful product Mini Tips.  Sourced from Russian-Mongolian hair, these extensions are applied with tiny Mini Locks™ that discreetly attach the extension to your own hair.   These extensions will need removing and re-applying after 3 to 4 months depending on your hair growth.   Often referred to as pre-bonded extensions, we also stock their Nail Tips & Stick Tip extensions which are applied with heat or cold fusion machines melting the bond to attach to the hair.   To re-adjust the extensions higher up the head at around 3 months, would require the bonds to be re-tipped before re-applying.   Weft extensions are increasingly popular and we stock their standard Elegance weft as well as their SuperWeft, which boasts 180g of hair to create amazing results.  The weft can be applied in different ways, but Remi Cachet created their own unique application, the Hollywood Weave, which incorporates using the Mini Locks™ too and reduces the stress on your own hair and scalp from the weight of the weft.   If you are looking for extensions instantly or maybe just to try them; then Remi Cachet has a range of Tape Hair extensions too.   Caring for your extensions does take more time and your extensionist will take you through this but here are a few key points to remember:

  • Always use the recommended Remi Cachet aftercare range as they have been formulated to work with each bond type and extend the life of the hair.
  • Keep the Conditioner, styling products and hot tools away from the bonded areas.
  • Use a soft bristle brush like the Remi Cachet Ultra Tangle Tamer and brush your hair regularly to prevent knots and matting.
  • Keep your hair in a loose ponytail or plait for exercise and at bedtime.
  • If swimming, protect your hair with a diluted mix of the conditioner and wash your hair thoroughly afterwards.
  • Attend your maintenance appointments with your extensionist regularly.
  Safe removal is key so always return to your extensionist for professional removal where they can use the correct products and tools to release the extensions without causing damage to your own hair. Book a fitting here. 
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