The best hair updos from the Emmys

After a whole year of eagerly waiting to see what hairstyles will hit the red carpet during the 2014 Emmy Awards, we can finally report that there was no disappointment. With a fair share of chin-sweeping wavy bobs, slick weaves and perfectly curled strands, it was difficult to pick out which styles really won us over. With so many lovely ladies rocking their fabulous updos it would be difficult not to notice that this style was a massively popular choice. To help you reconstruct some of the hottest looks this season we've picked out four celebrity updo styles complete with a little guide on how to do it yourself.

Hayden Pannetiere

As always, Hayden looked dreamy in her glitzy down-to-the-floor dress, and team this with her Hayden Pannetiere hair updosmum-to-be-glow and textured updo, she looked picture perfect all night long. To get this look blow-dry your hair using just your fingers to comb it through. Apply some styling products such as; texturing products and heating protecting spray and roughly curl sections of the hair to give it a natural wavy look. Don't be too precise. You won't really see imperfections once the hair is clipped up. Next, backcomb the hair near the crown of your head and then pull the rest of your hair back to cover it. Slip a headband in to hold your fringe back and begin twisting and clipping the hair up at the back of your head using small hair slides.

Lauren ParsekianLauren Parsekian hair updos

This year Lauren Parsekian looked effortlessly beautiful with just a chic ponytail and detailed white Lorena Sarbu gown. Of course, this updo is really easy to recreate if you have lovely long locks like the lady herself, but with short hair it becomes a little more difficult. There are plenty of different types of hair extensions you can use to create a ponytail. Clip in hair extensions are probably your best bet, but if you want something even easier you can also buy ready-made clip in ponytails too.

Sarah HylaSarah Hyland hair updosnd

Miss Hyland was undoubtedly the star of the show this year when it comes to fashion, hair and beauty. She modelled a soft sexy hair bun and a matching skirt and crop top. There are two different ways you can get this look. The first option is super easy and takes no time at all - a clip in fake hair bun. Simply tie your hair back, wrap the ponytail up to hide unwanted hair and clip the fake bun in and secure it. You can also use a hair donut. Tie your hair back into a ponytail, slip the hair donut around it and begin covering the donut with your hair while clipping it in place using slides.

Claire DanesClare Danes - hair updos

Looking picture-perfect as ever, Claire Danes wowed us on the red carpet this year with her bright red Givenchy gown. But it wasn't only her dress that was the talking point of the night. Her golden locks were gleaming in a relaxed pulled back updo. To recreate this look pull your hair back and make a long fish tail plait that runs down your back. Simply twist the plait and clip it up to the back of your hair to make a detailed bun.
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